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Paul Graff

visual effects supervisor

Christina Graff

visual effects producer


We offer our services as VFX Supervisor and VFX Producer on the production side for all studios.  

Just wrapped: Rob Savages "THE BOOGEYMAN" from 20th Century Studio and 21 Lapse.

Since 2016 Christina and Paul have been leading the VFX teams for  shows with 2000 & more VFX shots.

Paul and Christina supervised and produced the visual effects for STRANGER THINGS 2. Paul then went on to supervise STRANGER THINGS 3 and Christina produced the VFX for the NETFLIX series JUPITER'S LEGACY. Paul also joined the Jupiter's Legacy Team later as VFX Supervisor. Afterwards they both worked as VFX Supervisor and VFX Producer for the Netflix film trilogy: FEAR STREET. 

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